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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answers to any questions you have, please don't hesitate to get in touch by clicking below

  • Do the dog walkers use their own kit?
    Yes, we usually use our own leads but ask that your dog is wearing a correctly fitted collar or harness. ​We would recommend taking a look at Mountain Miles sister company K9Kit. ​For many years Scott (CEO of Mountain Miles) has worked with hundreds of dogs and therefore has tried and tested most brands of harnesses, leads, collars and dog kit. He feels that he can safely call himself an expert on what will fit your dog, be comfortable and durable. ​It’s with this experience behind him that he launched a mobile retail business selling, fitting and delivering canine kit company. ​Scott has carefully selected Ruffwear as brand that can be trusted. You can book a free consultation to discuss and view products you’re interested in. ​K9Kit:
  • My dog prefers only men or only women, can that be catered for?
    Yes, we have both men and women walkers. We also like to provide exposure to dogs to build confidence, this would only happen through introduction with a walker that you're dog is familiar with
  • My dog is reactive, can he join you on your walks?
    Yes, we will work alongside you to help with any issues they may have to help them. We also have trainers on board who can help you with 1-2-1 sessions if wanted.
  • How many dogs can you walk at once?
    We walk 2 to 3 dogs at once depending on the confidence and whether your dog can be matched based on character and temperament.
  • When does the walk timer start?
    The walk timer starts when we reach our starting destination
  • Do you take intact males?
  • Do you take dogs that are in season?
    Yes, but as soon as your dog comes into season or you have an estimated date, we can match her up with neutered males or other females
  • Do you take all breeds/sizes?
    Yes, we don't judge any dog by breed or size and we'll assess the best fit - friends and route wise for their walk
  • My dog doesn't have good recall, can they join you on your adventures?
    Yes of course, if you would prefer they stay on lead then they absolutely can and still have the full experience. We can also use long lines to give them a bit more freedom to play, and we have our own private, secure field where they can run about with their friends and we can even practice their recall during the walk if you'd like us to.
  • How many dogs can you walk at once?
    We like to keep the numbers around 2 or 3 dogs who interact well with each other. At the very most 4 at one time depending on the dogs personality traits.
  • What qualifications do you have?
    We're fully insured, have canine first aid training and some team members have training qualifications from scent work (not sure on the exact naming so Scott will need to fill in that blank), IMDT and open college network level 3 in canine behaviour and training. We have vast experience of working with large dog breeds from Great Danes to smaller breeds like Chihuahua's.
  • My dog has arthritis or an injury, are they still welcome?
    Yes, definitely! We tailor our walks to each individuals ability and energy level. From 30 minute garden visits to 2 hour peak hikes and everything in-between.
  • Are all the dog walkers insured?
    Yes, all of the Mountain Miles walkers are insured under the company. We have a tailor-made insurance that reaches the grand height of 600m for dog walking.
  • What happens in extreme weathers?
    We absolutely love walking in the High Peak, but of course it does present it's challenges. Snowy weather: If you need us, we will be there. Some of our walkers have 4x4 type vehicles and are very use to travelling in snow. If all else fails and you aren't over the hills - we will chuck on our snow boots and walk to you. Extreme heat : you will get the option to cancel with no charge if you don't need us, but we can do early morning or later walks, along with garden visits. We are also blessed to know many shaded, breezy and water spots which we make a beeline for when the sun is out. Rain: There's no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing. Rain and mud, definitely won't put us off and we'll give your dog a wipe down to clean them off when we drop them home. Thunderstorms : Extra care is taken, but we'll still be walking. If your dog is afraid of thunder, we will take extra precautions to make sure they feel safe and comfortable or can stick to a home visit if you'd prefer.
  • How do I know my dog has been for a walk?
    We provide a note book where our walkers will give details of where they've been, which friends they've been with and any other extra information that needs to be shared.
  • What happens if there's an incident on a walk?
    We are a team of walkers who check in with each other regularly. We use a variety of methods to keep in touch and know each others routes. We have excellent map readers and navigators who use what:three:words and OS Maps. It is a very rare occasion that incidents happen. A call will be put out to the team, we would be constantly communicating on the situation and where abouts that the incident is taking place. As well as feet on the ground, we also have someone in the office at all times keeping us all connected.
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