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Our Services

What We Offer

Providing Peace Of Mind For All

The exceptional Mountain Miles Team is ready for action where a walk with us is one your dog will remember for life. We are fully insured for dog walking and exercise up to 600 metres high, as well as pet sitting in your home and Dog Training. Your reasons for needing a dog walking service can vary, you could be working full time, have sustained an injury, or simply find you don’t have enough time to satisfy your dogs demands!


Live-in Pet Sitting Service


Live In

  • If you have more than just your dog, we stay in homes with a variety of different pets.

  • Keeping your animal in their routine

  • Preserving home security

£5 per extra dog from the same house

Custom Pricing

Multiple Visit's

We offer completely custom care in your own home, with no job too long or too complicated, and for those looking for the perfect alternative to kennel care this is it.

  • Multiple walks through the day

  • Feeding times

  • Fuss and garden breaks through the day

Mountain Miles can provide total care for your high energy dogs, and the service can be customised to any level of care you need to maintain your dogs everyday life whilst you are away, safe in the knowledge that your pets are being completely cared for.

In addition to this we can also maintain the appearance of life whilst you are away, such as turning on/off lights, opening or closing curtains or even the small act of taking the post from the letter box.

All helps to preserve your home security, giving you even less to worry about while you enjoy your well earned holiday!

Walking Tariff's

Walking Tariff's

We can manage a variety of different types of dog exercise from fell running to weight loss. If you don’t see what you’d like just give us a call and we will be able to arrange something for you.



The BIG one! This is for the most energetic dogs; for those dogs that never seem to tire out! The route duration will always be roughly 2 hours, with many interesting and stimulating situations from waterfalls to puzzling scrambles for your dog to encounter. Within this time 500 to 600-metre heights can be reached, and with steep terrain all around, this really is the ultimate in canine exercise!


Only £8 per extra dog from the same household


The Hour-Long

At about 60 minutes, it’s our most popular service length and a great time out for your dog. Depending on your location your dog can be transported to an area nearby for this walk, ensuring that the best possible situations are encountered. We have spent years developing the routes we use for these walks and during this hour your dog can enjoy them under our supervision.


Only £6 per extra dog from the same household


The Mini

At roughly 30 minutes, it’s a great length walk for dog breeds that are sprinters not distance runners or for those active dogs that are getting a little older and struggle with the longer distances. Also, it’s a great length for those owners looking to split their dogs day whilst they are at work.




Only £3.50 per extra dog from the same household

Prices are for the Glossop area only. Extra dog charges do apply.

Walks are always varied and exciting for your dog. Where useful and beneficial a second dog can be matched based on character and temperament. Dedicated walks are, of course, available. A surcharge for dedicated walking will be added at £5/30min. 
A surcharge for walks falling outside of the hours of 09:00 to 18:00 will be added at £2.50/30min.

N,T & D

Nutrition, Training and Development

We can manage a variety of different types of dog exercise from fell running to weight loss. If you don’t see what you’d like just give us a call and we will be able to arrange something for you.

The Basics

The standard repertoire of 'sit' and automatic sit, roadside awareness, 'down' and 'down at distance, retrieval and 'wait' actions.

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Many owners struggle to manage their dog's on-lead behaviours; I can address these issues and a few more that you may not have been aware of.


We also offer insightful nutrition coaching to help you keep your dog healthy with the right foods and supplements.


Again this is a highly situational dependant response, how I deal with this is to steadily stress proof your dogs recall response in many differing situations

Situation Aware

This can cover everything from dealing with the high-street and shops, to fell-side and livestock.

It can be frustrating if you are not making the kind of progress you feel you should be with your dog. Dogs are very circumstance motivated, de-sensitising high anxiety or high excitement areas is key to producing a balanced dog.

However, through correctly engineered situations and with the right responses in each, these issues and emotions can be overcome. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh approach to the situation

£55 per session

Please take a look at our Terms and Conditions by clicking on the button below

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